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Memorial Words

Memorial Plaques Wording (How to)

A memorial plaque for someone who has past away is a tribute that celebrates their life on Earth. Typically engraved, they are meant to last a life time or more. This means getting the wording and layout correct an essential task. Memorial plaques usually uses basic information about the person such as name, dates, and a sentiment to sum up the person the plaque is dedicated to.

Memorial Format Suggestion

1. Start with a reverent phrase such as "In Loving Memory Of" or "Dedicated to the Memory Of". This wording is usually best in medium bold letters.

2. The next line is usually followed by the persons name including middle initial. This line usually uses bold letters to highlight the persons name and to give special emphasis. If the individual had a nickname it's usually included either between the first and last name or at the end of the full name. An example would be Joseph "Ace" Wallace or Joseph Wallace "Ace". Quotation marks are best suited for the nickname to distinguish between the real name.

3. Next are the dates that the individual was born, either with the years of their birth and death, or the full date and year or their birth and death.

4. A personal sentiment or quote is usually added on the last line of the memorial. This sentiment of words can be a personal message from an individual or it can be a message that was decided by multiple people. An example would read "Forever In Our Hearts" for a sentiment or "Live Your Life To The Fullest" for a quote the individual might have commonly said. This group of words is usually smaller than the previous text and without a bold feature. Click Here to view popular sentiments

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Memorial Poems

In addition to the standard memorial plaque formatting, some also prefer to include a meaning poem as well on the plaque. The poem often will capture the essence of who the individual was. It is usually carefully selected by an individual or a group of family members. In some cases the poem could be written by the deceased or just a favorite. 

General Memorial Poem Guidelines   

1. The font size for the poem is usually smaller than the main plaque text. This is because the the poem will usually consist of between 5-20 lines of text. Keeping the the font smaller will allow for more words and lines of text. A general rule of thumb is to keep the font around half the size of the person name.

2. Poems for memorial plaques usually need to be narrow in width and taller in height to fit in tighter areas of the plaque. To accommodate this format it's recommended to only have between 5-7 words per line. 

3. Although there is no standard, most memorial plaque poems use a center justification.

Adding a Scripture

Often time the deceased was a Christian and might have wanted to add their favorite Bible scripture. This is very common especially with the Christian community and is a great way to finish the plaque. 

General Guidelines For Adding a Scripture

1. Although there is no standard, scripture references usually use left justification. The text size is usually about half the height of the deceased name.

2. The scripture is usually 2-3 verses which consist between 2-5 lines of text.

3. Add the scripture reference at the end of the last line or just below the last line of text. The bible version is usually not included. An example would look like this.

"I have fought a good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith."
                  2 Timothy 4:7

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How to Word Memorial Plaques
Example Poem

" Grieve not, nor speak of me
with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so—‘twas heaven here with you."
"I have fought a good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith."
                  2 Timothy 4:7